Crisp Gleneagles Distillers’ Malts

The village of Portgordon, Scotland is home to Crisp Malting Group’s Gleneagles maltings. Located in the heart of Speyside, just miles from the storied River Spey, Gleneagles supplies malts to distilleries down the road and around the world. BSG Distilling has worked with Crisp to bring these malts to the US for the first time. 

Gleneagles Premium Pot Still Malt is made from spring two-row barley and a superior choice for a malt whisky grist. Crisp designs this malt to deliver a high level of fermentability and extract as well as malt flavors.

Gleneagles Premium Peated Malt has been an early favorite with BSG customers – craft brewers as well as distillers. We have the medium peated level (8-10 mg/kg phenols) in stock, with light and heavy levels available as special order.

Gleneagles High Diastatic Malt is produced from specialized barley varieties for maximum amylase power (minimum 182°L) for use in grain washes at approximately 10% of the mash bill.

Please contact your sales manager for more information about Gleneagles Distillers’ Malts.

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