Distiller’s Malt Highlight: MCI Irish Distillers Malt

Malting Company of Ireland, Ltd. has been producing malt for brewers and distillers since 1858. Originating as a floor maltings attached to the Beamish & Crawford Brewery in Cork, MCI expanded with a Boby drum plant in 1965 in Ballincollig to supply Irish Distillers and Murphy’s. The plant was
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Distiller’s Yeast Highlight: SafSpirit USW-6

SafSpirit USW-6 is our top-selling distilling yeast for good reason: it’s ideal for fermenting all types of barrel-aged spirits produced from grain or malt washes, and it’s very easy to work with to boot. Formerly known as SafSpirit American Whiskey, USW-6 is a natural choice for bourbon, rye, corn,
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Obstler: Fruit Brandy from the Alps

  I first encountered Obstler at a trailside Gasthaus heading down a mountain. My wife and I were staying in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Bavarian Alps, and had spent the day hiking der Eckbauer and stopped to fortify ourselves at a trailside inn. There were wonderful breads and cheeses from
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